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  Dealing with FEMA in the aftermath of a Hurricane

To our friends in the Houston and Gulf region:

Plasma Powders would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy and concern for the safety of your families, friends and associates. With several employees directly impacted by Super-storm Sandy here in New Jersey, we are acutely aware of the devastating impact this type of event can cause and the realities you will face in recovering. Having experienced the hardships in getting our lives back to normal, we want you to know that we are here to lend an empathetic hand and to assist you in getting through this difficult time, one day at a time.

These are some pointers we want to share from what we learned in dealing with FEMA in the aftermath of Sandy:
  • Take photos.
  • Keep names and numbers for anyone you contact and keep receipts for everything.
  • Contact your insurance carrier and FEMA ASAP
  • Continue to monitor FEMA’s website, things change constantly.
  • Your town or county may offer town-hall type meetings. GO! These are very informative.
  • Flood insurance covers only the home structure and sometimes contents, if elected. Nothing outside or detached from your home is covered.
  • You may be offered SBA loans for your home and other items. Be careful. SBA loans, or a portion thereof, may be considered DUPLICATION OF BENEFITS and will REDUCE ANY GRANT money you can receive from FEMA, even though you have to PAY BACK THE LOANS. However, grant money does not have to be repaid.
  • FEMA grants usually carry a clause that mandate flood insurance by DEED. You may have to modify your DEED to include mandatory flood insurance in the amount of the grant, for the life of the structure, no matter who owns it, no matter how flood-prone it is.
  • Don’t expect anything you place outside your home to be there when the insurance adjuster arrives. Scrap metal and anything that may have value will disappear quickly. Unfortunately there are many who seek to profit from these events. Contractors included. Be wary.
  • Even though electric power may be out, stay clear of wiring. As people connect generators to their homes, they may inadvertently charge power lines which can injure people far from the source.

Please know our thoughts are with you for a smooth and speedy recovery.

The Plasma Powders Team

Plasma Powders & Systems Inc.
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228 Boundary Road,
PO Box 132
Marlboro, NJ 07746

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Phone: 732-431-0992
Toll Free: 800-358-4287

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