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  PowderJet 86 Combustion Powder Spray Gun

PowderJet 86 Combustion Powder Spray Gun
PowderJet 86 Powder Spray Gun, Metco 6PII equivalent, is a production tool designed to provide economic and consistent, high quality coatings. Simple design, reliability and ease of operation and maintenance are key factors to our many successful installations. This unit uses a powder feeder to supply material to the gun. Our PF-2810 or PF-3350 powder feeder provides a consistent and accurate supply of powder. This configuration allows you to mount or manually spray in virtually any position without affecting the powder feed rates. Most combustion thermal spray powder based materials can be sprayed using the Powder Jet 86, including metals, ceramics and plastics. Extensions of various lengths are available for ID/Bore coatings.
 Powder Spray Guns
Powderjet 86 Powder Spray Gun

This easy to operate gun uses a powder feeder allowing for longer spray times and precision, repeatable feed rates. This gun will spray metal and ceramic combustion powders in either hand held or machine mounted production environments.

Download Product Brochure and Video
Powderjet 86 (6PII)(PDF)

PowderJet 86 System in Detail: Components, Extensions and System Flow Diagram

Powderjet 86 Powder Spray Gun - Metco 6PII
Uses Pros  Used With
Small to large “Spray & Fuse” or combustion coating applications. Easy to operate and maintain.
Cooling air jet attachment.
Most combustion powders, ceramics or plastics.

The Powderjet-86 Combustion Powder Spray Gun 86 is a thermal spraying gun used to deposit combustion thermal spray powders on to solid work surfaces. The powder to be sprayed is loaded in a separate powder feeder unit, pressure fed using an inert carrier gas through a hose into an aspirator chamber where it’s melted into fine particles and propelled by air towards the work surface. Our siphon-jet gas head construction makes the gun extremely resistant to damage from backfiring. Deposit efficiency is very high meaning only a minute amount of the powder is lost by being blown away or consumed in the flame. Sprayed coatings are typically very dense and uniform.

The gun can be operated both manually as well as held in a tool post for automated production. The design of the gun is such that it can spray a wide variety of powders without changing the nozzle.
  • Available extensions: 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft acetylene.
  • Air Jet assembly for ceramics or cooling

PPS Powderjet 86 Combustion Powder Spray Gun demonstration video

Combustion Powder Spray Gun - PPS Powderjet 86 Combustion System Demonstration

Powderjet 86 Combustion Spray Gun, Combustion System, Nickel based powder using natural gas fuel demo video.

* Metco, 5PII and 6PII are Sulzer Metco brands. Plasma Powders is in no way affiliated with Sulzer Metco or its subsidiaries.

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Phone: 732-431-0992
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