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Handling Equipment
  RM2 Thermal Spray Booth
 Thermal Spray Handling Equipment

RM2 Thermal Spray Booth

Thermal Spray Booth RM-2

The Plasma Powders RM-2 Spray Booth helps to isolate the spray operation. In many cases, the unit can be used in place of a spray room because dust, fumes and heat are drawn to the rear of the booth via a dust collection flange.

RM-2 can be built with several optional part and torch handling options including built in turntable, lathe headstock, tailstock, single or dual traverse units and a robot mount swing arm. An RM-2 booth with the proper options can drastically improve coating quality, part throughput, material usage and operator comfort. The unit also helps keep a safe operating environment by removing contaminants and potentially explosive dust.

Each unit is built to exact customer specifications by our expert craftsmen using the highest quality parts and materials.

RM-2 Options (PDF)

RM 2 Thermal Spray Booth
Standard RM-2 Spray Booth specifications:
  • Dimensions: 58W x 48D x 72H
  • Removable grating inside spray booth
  • Includes lights, switch, 3 outlets and 14 exhaust outlet
  • Headstock: 12 diameter slotted faceplate and HP, 230V Motor
  • Turntable: 300 lb. capacity, 18 diameter slotted faceplate and 1HP, 3PH, 230V Motor
  • AC Inverter Control
  • Runs on 110V powder
Plasma Powders & Systems Inc.
Thermal Spray Company
228 Boundary Road,
PO Box 132
Marlboro, NJ 07746

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Phone: 732-431-0992
Toll Free: 800-358-4287

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