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Thermal Spray Wire
 Thermal Spray Wire
Thermal Spray Wire
Plasma Powders and Systems Inc offers thermal spray and metalizing wire. Known worldwide for our 1/8" 80/20 NiAl Bondrite®, we also provide various sizes in Aluminum Bronze, Babbit, Copper, Aluminum, Tin, Zinc, Zinc/Aluminum, 202 Stainless Steel, 420 Stainless Steel, Molybdenum and many others and provide quotes for additional types and sizes. Our wires are available in spools, coils, or payoff packs to best fit the needs of the customer.
 Thermal Spray Wire
 Thermal Spray and Metalizing Wires
Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. offers wires for almost every thermal spraying and metalizing venture. We are known around the world for our 1/8" 80/20 Ni-Al Bondrite® but also provide many other wires in OEM or its chemical equivalent. We offer wire in any standard diameter and packaging, including open coils, spools and 250 to 500 lb. drums.

Please see PDF below for a list of metalizing and thermal spray wires in stock:

Plasma Powders 2016 Thermal Spraying, Metalizing Wire List (PDF)

Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. often has excellent quality surplus materials and equipment available at huge savings. If you do not see what you’re looking for, please give us a call at (732) 431-0992 for a quote.

 BONDRITE® 1/8" dia. Ni-Al Bonding Wire

Plasma Powders and Systems Bondrite® is one of the leading bondcoats in the thermal spray industry. A Nickel-Aluminum composite wire used as a bond-coat in the combustion wire metalizing process. Our solid nickel core with an aluminum coating creates a solid spray with no “spitting”, a common flaw in other bondcoat wires. This allows for an even spray and finish when using Bondrite®.

Download Bondrite Brochure (PDF)

Thermal Spray Wire, Bondrite NI Al Bonding Wire

Specification: Specification: A composite Nickel-Aluminum wire to spray as a bondcoat in the wire-spray metalizing processes. Typically 80% Ni and 20% Al.
Physical Appearance: A bright Aluminum tubular wire containing a solid Nickel core wire.
Bond Strength: As per lab reports, there was a failure of the adhesive in all three samples, one slightly below 12,000 p.s.i. and two well above 12,000 p.s,i, with a 0.009" coating.
Coating Appearance: A 200X micro of a 0.005" coating of BONDRITE bondcoat over a steel substrate shows excellent alloying at the interface.
Advantages: This wire sprays at a higher speed of about 8 lbs per hour compared to 5 lbs for the currently available Ni-Al wire and gives an extremely homogeneous spray pattern. Also unlike the wire with petletized Nickel powder core inside an Aluminum tube, this wire does not spit. The older wire had a tendency to propel un-melted Nickel particles if the Aluminum sheath burned out prematurely. This does not happen with BONDRITE as the solid Nickel wire cannot shoot out unless it is melted and atomized by the compressed air jet before it is sprayed. This in turn imparts very high bond strength to the coating, as proven by the lab report.
Packaging: The wire is layer wound on 12" diameter spools with a weight of 11 lbs each. Special packaging is available at no additional cost for a reasonable quantity if requested at the time of placing the order.

Lab Results

Bondrite Tensile Specimens

0.009" Coating Thickness


Sample ID



Failure Mode

1 1 9111 11606 100% Adhesive Failure
2 2 9100 11592 100% Adhesive Failure
3 3 9529 12139 100% Adhesive Failure
  Avg Failure 9247 lbs 11779 psi  

NOTE 1: All three coatings specimens outlasted the maximum strength of the adhesive. No Coating Failures occurred on any of the specimens.
NOTE 2: Specimens were machined from 3 separate panels.

Tests were performed by Protech Lab Corp. on July 24th of 2009. Adhesive Utilized: EC2086 (3M Adhesive)


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