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  Thermal Spray Processes
Thermal Spray Process
The thermal spray process is used around the world in nearly every industry. Plasma Powders offers Thermal Spray Processes expert information, insight and advice for businesses using thermal spray applications and thermal spray equipment.

 Thermal Spray Processes

Hard Chrome Alternative for Overhaul Operations

Traditionally, chrome plating has been a process often contracted to specialty shops using an electroplating process carried out under strict OSHA controls. Today, many overhaul shops have been able to bring chrome equivalent repair work in house using High Velocity Oxy/Fuel (HVOF) coating technology.

This article covers the benefits of HVOF Coatings versus Hard Chrome Plating, advantages of HVOF coatings over hard chrome plating as documented by HCAT, HVOF Applications, what is needed, the limits and how to proceed with a supplier to jointly review requirements and develop a plan that considers the cost of present plating operations and estimates the cost of incorporating the HVOF process.


HVOF Gun in action - Hard Chrome Alternative for Overhaul Operations

HVOF System - Hard Chrome Alternative for Overhaul Operations

Hard Chrome Plating Sealing Systems Solution Industry Breakthrough: The HVAF/HVOF Process

New HVAF/HVOF combination process provides alternative to chrome and other coatings.

When seals and seal systems are mentioned, elastomers and compliant materials come to mind. Seldom is thought given to the backbone of the sealing system, the sealing surface. Although many changes have been made with elastomeric members, alterations are also happening with the sealing surface regarding materials and application methods. One notable change is benefitting the hard chrome industry, including repair and rework shops servicing pulp and paper mill rolls, heavy equipment, oil and gas drilling machinery, landing gear and hydraulic cylinders and pistons.

 HVAF, HVOF Process | Hard Chrome Plating Sealing Systems Solution Industry Breakthrough


 HVOF/ HVAF Performance Comparison to Standard HVOF System Spraying WC-10Co-4Cr

Thermal Spray in the Fabrication Process

Thermal spray has advanced from a highly specialized, unregulated process to one that is standardized and able to be integrated into a fabrication shop. This article reviews the standard thermal spray processes now available to the fabricator and a basic procedure for starting a thermal spray operation is outlined.

Using a well structured analysis, a fabricator should be able to prove the benefits of introducing thermal spray into their operations and be confident in the process selected.

Thermal Spray Wins as a Green Technology

Metallization has provided a second or “green” life to products associated with everything from aerospace to zoos. Key to this is remanufacturing or “greening” through thermal spray.

Thermal Spray Wins as a Green Technology

A Look At Hard Chrome Replacement

There is a global interest in seeking a replacement to Hard Chrome Plating. Tungsten carbide (WC), cobalt (Co) and WC-Co-Cr coatings, thermally sprayed by the HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) process, have emerged as the likely replacements.

HVOF High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Powder Spray Systems

Thermal Spray, Putting a Face on 3D Printing

Consider thermal spray as a friend of 3D manufacturing. 3D printing operations might consider adding thermal spray to their 3D printing capabilities. Thermal spray job shops might contact 3D operations and offer to produce a trial coating at a reduced, introductory price. You might find many new and exciting opportunities for thermal spray.

Metalized 3D Parts


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