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  Thermal Spray Techniques
Thermal Spraying Techniques

Plasma Powders & Systems offers expert information and advice regarding Thermal Spray Techniques and the many uses for thermal spray equipment. Thermal spray is used around the world in nearly every major industry.

 Thermal Spray Techniques

Thermal Spray in Art and Architecture

The presentation covers 80 years of thermal spray use by artisans and conservators around the world which has resulted in the creation and salvation of magnificent works of art and structures.

Robot Basics: The Importance of the Tool Center Point

Robot Basics: The Importance of the Tool Center Point article provides a brief review on one important programmable parameter for articulated robots, the Tool Coordinate System.

The Tool Coordinate System can be a powerful tool. It is worthwhile to become familiar with it and to use it regularly for each thermal spray gun used in a robotic process.

Robot Basics: The Importance of the Tool Center Point


EXCELlence in Robot Programming for Coating Applications

This article describes how Microsoft Excel® 2003 software can be used as an aid for off-line development of a robot program for coating applications. Beginning with a discussion of the Normal Distribution characteristic of thermal spray patterns, it progresses to the development of an example using standard Excel function and chart tools for interactive feedback of the coating layers.

Robot Programming for Thermal Spray Coating Applications


Adding “Introduction to Thermal Spray” to the Welding Curriculum

It is recommended that an “Introduction to Thermal Spray” be added to the curriculum of any “Introduction to Welding” classes. As an educator or a student, be certain that thermal spray is now included in the welding curriculum of your trade school.



Which manipulation system is best for your shop or specific application? Manipulation involves motion control and positioning. Many manipulator configurations have been used in thermal spray. Plasma Powders & Systems issued an eight-part series of articles taking an in-depth look at the manipulation system including setting up and operating a manipulator for the thermal spray technician and the manipulator programmer.


Thermal Spray Wins as a Green Technology

Metallization has provided a second or “green” life to products associated with everything from aerospace to zoos. Key to this is remanufacturing or “greening” through thermal spray.

Thermal Spray Wins as a Green Technology

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228 Boundary Road,
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Phone: 732-431-0992
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