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  Thermal Spray Technology  
Plasma Powders: Leaders in Thermal Spray Technology
As leading experts in the thermal spray industry, Plasma Powders, Inc. provides expert Thermal Spray Technology information, advice and opportunities for the continually expanding and evolving thermal spray industry, including Thermal Spray Processes and Techniques, Applications and Education, Training and Certification.
 Thermal Spray Knowledge & Education
Thermal Spray Knowledge & Education

Knowledge, education and insights on how Thermal Spray Equipment, Processes and Techniques have transformed our world, presented by a thermal spray industry leader, Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc.

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 Thermal Spray Processes
Thermal Spray Processes

The thermal spray process is used around the world in nearly every industry. Plasma Powders offers Thermal Spray Processes expert information, insight and advice for businesses using thermal spray applications and thermal spray equipment.

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 Thermal Spray Techniques
Thermal Spray Techniques

Expert advice and insight into current and future Thermal Spray Techniques as well as knowledgeable articles addressing the various industries using the Thermal Spraying Technique.

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 Thermal Spray Training and Certification
Thermal Spray Training and Certification

Plasma Powders offers training and certification information for the Thermal Spray industry and any business using the Thermal Spray process, including Thermal Spray Equipment, Applications, Techniques and Processes.

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Plasma Powders & Systems Inc.
Thermal Spray Company
228 Boundary Road,
PO Box 132
Marlboro, NJ 07746

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Phone: 732-431-0992
Toll Free: 800-358-4287

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