We are Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc.

President Roberto Claudio

Plasma Powders offers custom stand-alone or integrated handling and torch manipulation equipment. We also provide in-house and on-site training and problem resolution, equipment demonstrations and proof of concept or test coatings for analysis.

Plasma Powders & Systems Inc, leaders in the Thermal Spray Industry
Thermal spray handling equipment, Right Move Robotic spray booth by Plasma Powders & Systems Inc.

Why Choose Us?

Plasma Powders has been providing Thermal Spray equipment and parts for since 1980.

Our premium customer service and extensive thermal spray experience, combined with access to our network of United States and international equipment manufacturers, enable us to design and integrate solutions that deliver the performance and value our customers demand.!!

As leaders in the Thermal Spray Industry, Plasma Powders & Systems Inc., has been providing Thermal Spray solutions, technical training and expert advice since 1980.


Plasma Powders and Systems Inc. objective is to produce and sustain products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s and regulatory requirements, continually improve effectiveness and support management’s confidence that superior quality is being achieved and sustained. Compliance with our quality program is essential for customer satisfaction and continual improvement. It is the responsibility of all our employees to work together to achieve our goal.