Arc Spray System

Plasma Powders' Wire Arc Spray System offers unmatched power and flexibility. The specially designed system boasts a 400 amp power supply and a lightweight torch head (2.3 lbs) with no moving parts. This minimizes operator fatigue and maintenance costs associated with typical push-pull systems. Stack the individual units on top of each other or separate up to 50 feet to fit any work space. Several options are available for this unit. The Twin Wire Arc Thermal Spray System has the highest deposition rate of the thermal spraying processes.

Options are available

  • broad coverage or tight spray patterns
  • running gear
  • cable length
  • remote wire feed
  • ID coating extension

Excellent for any metallic wire coating. Broad area spray, down to ¾” spray pattern application. Anti-skid, corrosion, contact apps.

Very low maintenance cost. Easy operation. Small in size. No fuel gas.

Typically 1/16″, 2mm or 11 gauge wires.