PPS-400 Wire Arc Spray System

Twin Arc thermal spraying boasts some of the highest deposition rates of the many thermal spraying processes. It is often used when large areas or a large number of parts need to be coated but is also beneficial in other spray applications where a lightweight torch, start/stop operation or fuel gas presents an issue. The specially designed PPS-400 Wire Arc Spray System ensures low operator fatigue and significantly reduced maintenance costs. The PPS-400 system uses the "push" method, the driving force is a bigger, more robust wire drive motor located within the control console. The drive unit can be mounted on the power supply or remotely. The PPS 400 Wire Arc Spray System has the highest deposition rate of the thermal spraying processes. Options are available for broad coverage or tight spray patterns, running gear, cable length, remote wire feed unit and ID coating extension.The PPS 400 Wire Arc Spray System is commonly used to:
  • Apply zinc and aluminum to structures and bridges to help prevent corrosion
  • Apply copper, zinc, and aluminum to create conductive coatings
  • On tube mill weld seams
  • Anti-slip applications
  • Patented Quick Change Wire Guide System
  • Quick Change Wire Drive Rolls
  • Re-settable LCD Wire Counter
  • Re-settable LCD Time Counter
  • Pre flow and Burnback Air adjustments
  • Remote/Local Voltage/Amperage Control
  • Display/Hold adjustment
  • Running gear and extension
  • Pull drive available

Excellent for any metallic wire coating. Broad area spray, down to ¾” spray pattern application. Anti-skid, corrosion, contact apps.

Very low maintenance cost. Easy operation. Small in size. No fuel gas.

Typically 1/16″, 2mm or 11 gauge wires.