HIPOJET 2700 High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray System

The Hipojet 2700 is our standard torch for HVOF coatings. It is suited for both large and small shops alike. Optimal for occasional surfacing needs or high volume production. Precision components are designed for reliable and repeatable coatings and incorporate high safety standards. This system can be is an easy to use mobile cart-based unit that can also be integrated as part of a state of the art production facility. The HIPOJET 2700 High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray System is a user-friendly, mobile unit that provides reliable and efficient operation and can be easily adapted for many applications.. HIPOJET-2700 High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray System
  • Ideal for small & medium shops with occasional or high volume surfacing needs.
  • Precision components designed for reliable & repeatable coatings.
  • Accurate gas and air metering.
  • Compatible with both Air Cooled Hipojet-2700 Torch and a high-performance Water Cooled (Hybrid) Hipojet-2700 Torch.
  • Customize your system with torch and part manipulation equipment.
  • Available 2 ft extension for ID Coatings.
Standard Equipment included:
  • HIPOJET-2700 HVOF Powder Spray Torch
  • PPS HP-2103 Control panel
  • PF-2810 High Pressure Powder Feeder
  • Air control unit
  • Pre flow and Burnback Air adjustments
  • Gas control unit
  • Hose kit
  • Portable cart
  • Set of common spare parts
Robotic Integration with HIPOJET 2700 HVOF Torch

Used to spray harder materials and dense coatings.

Sprays at extremely high temperatures and speeds allowing hard materials to be used achieving tough, dense coatings.

Tungsten Carbides and many other alloys. Air or water Cooled Hipojet-2700 Gun. Extensions for ID coatings.