Plasma Spray Torch

Plasma Spray Torches that are carefully engineered to achieve optimum heat transfer through uniform distribution of the cooling water within the nozzle. Extending the life of critical plasma torch components translates into decreased downtime, increased productivity, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs.3MB Type Plasma Torch3MB type plasma spray torch is designed to spray high-melting-point refractory point metals. With a simple change of a nozzle, it can also spray lower melting point metals. It provides dense coatings with excellent bond strength. 9MB Type Handheld Plasma GunPlasma torch that is handheld. When changing from one spray material or plasma gas to another, the switchover is fast – nozzles and electrodes are plugin/pullout assemblies. 9MB Type Machine Mount Plasma GunPlasma torch that is mounted. Requires power supply, console, heat exchanger. Plasma Powders & SystemsCompletely self-contained Plasma System! Includes: Power Supply, High-Frequency Starter, Plasma Control Console, Powder Feeder, Heat Exchanger, and Electrical Disconnects

1.Provides dense coatings with excellent bond strength.
2.Used to spray tougher materials
3.Used to spray tougher materials.
4.Used to spray tougher materials.

1.The small and light plasma gun has no moving parts and
requires no adjustments. The nozzle is one-piece causing
it to be leak proof.
2. Spray hard materials.
3. Spray hard materials.
4.Spray hard materials.

1. Mainly high-melting point powders.
2. Ceramics,tungston carbide.
3. Ceramics, tungston carbide.
4. Ceramics, tungston carbide.