Rodjet-98 Metalizing Rod Spray Torch

The lightweight RodJet-98 Torch and compact system components make this the first choice for entry-level and light industrial ceramic coating applications. The system is easy to use and provides excellent coatings. Purchase and operating costs are minimal compared to Plasma systems.Coatings of chrome oxide, alumina, and similar materials can be applied at a fraction of the cost of Plasma systems. Coating quality is excellent with dense, even coatings.Rodjet-98 Metalizing Rod Spray Torch The gas head fully melts and atomizes the particles providing an increased substrate and inter-particle bond strength resulting in excellent wear resistance and heat shielding.Wirejet-98 Combustion Wire Spray Torch Features:
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rod material can be fed back to back
  • Sprays on any angle
  • Rod tube provides support for 17' of rod material, reducing breakage
  • Precision fuel & rod feed control
  • 3/16' and 1/4' hardware
  • Coatings provide excellent wear resistance & thermal barrier properties.
PPS Rodjet-98 Metalizing Rod Spray Torch demonstration videosCombustion Wire Coating - RodJet 98, coating a metal couponCombustion wire spray application demo video. Spray coating a Metal Coupon mounted in the RM2 Spray Booth using the RodJet-98 Combustion Rod Spray Torch.

Flame sprayed coatings with ceramic rods.

Low cost, easy to operate.

Ceramic & cermet rod and cord material