Used Equipment Specials


7MC-II Plasma Control Console with Digital Flow Meters

7MC-II plasma spray are designed to spray high-melting-point refractory point metals and lower melting point metals. It provides dense coatings with excellent bond strength. These systems are built to last a lifetime.
  •  8MR 80KW Power Supply set at 480v
  • Operation Gasses : Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen
  • Used with: 3MB, 9MB, and more
  • Up to 80 KW
System Requirements:
  • Plasma Gun
  • Powder Feeder
  • Chiller/Heat Exchanger
  • Regulators
*Plasma Powders can supply new equipment for a complete plasma system.
Additional Information:
  • One console available immediately
  • One console available in May
  • Systems are fully operational and were removed from service for equipment upgrades
  • Systems have been upgraded to Alicat Digital Flow Meters
  • Systems come equipped with 9MB Dual Torch
  • Units have 4,893 and 6,567 service hours
  • All necessary cables and hoses
Excellent choice for a budget plasma system. Inquiry today!
FANUC S-10  Robotic Welding Robot / Arc Mate 
  • Two units available
  • Units are operational
  • Comes with teach pendant, power and control cables, and manipulator
  • Both units were removed from service for an upgrade
  • 99,141 & 63,684 service hours