WireJet 98 Combustion Wire Spray Torch

The WireJet-98 Gun is an equivalent to the 14E Combustion Wire Spray Gun. The gun can be the heart of your flame spray metalizing toolset or a valuable addition to your complete installation. Our entire line of WireJet guns is perfect for hand-held, fixed or mobile applications.The WireJet-98 Gun is a lightweight wire spray gun that uses an air turbine to draw wire in, melt it with fuel gas and blast the molten particles on to the substrate. This gun is convenient for hand-held or start/stop operation due to the Wire-feed thumb trigger. See our brochure for more information.Wirejet-98 Wire Spray GunThe WireJet-98 (14E equivalent) Gun has a universal gas head, which can be adapted to use Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane fuel gas. The standard gun is set up to spray 1/8” wire using acetylene as the fuel gas. Suitable hardware is available for handling all standard wire sizes ranging from 3/16” down 1/16”. The controlled speed range of the WireJet-98 Gun is from about 2 to 15 feet wire per minute with standard gears to approximately 5 to 15 feet per minute with the special easily installed, high-speed gear set. The high-speed gear set is for continuous high-speed spraying of the lower melting point metals such as zinc, Babbit, and tin. Although the WireJet-98 Gun has been designed primarily for hand-held operation, a simple, rugged tool post fixture is supplied with each unit to permit mounting on a machine tool such as a lathe.The Wirejet-98 Gun offers many outstanding design features:
  • An improved version of WireJet-98 Gun’s siphon jet gas head produces high spray rates, low gas consumption and extreme resistance to backfire and its effects.
  • Surfaces between the Nozzle and siphon plug are sealed with "O" rings, instead of being lapped surfaces, which are troublesome to maintain.
  • A thumb-operated wire feed control, for starting and stopping the wire feed.
  • A new grease seal on the high-speed turbine shaft minimizes leakage of lubricant.
  • A sight plug permits checking the level of lubricant in the gear case without the need to open it, eliminating a source of contamination.
  • The gas head valve provides long service life with minimum maintenance. Worn or damaged parts are easily replaced.
  • New design nozzles and air caps reduce or eliminate loading and provide excellent coatings at various spraying speeds.
  • The nozzle, siphon plug, and front wire guide assemble as a unit, which can quickly and easily be removed and replaced when changing wire size, or for servicing.
  • WireJet-98 Gun’s controlled-power governor provides increase power and more stable wire speed.
  • The gear chamber contains a built-in pump for circulating the gear lubricant. This coupled with large rugged gears and improved gear chamber sealing provides longer gear life.
  • The drive rolls and wire guides are made of hardened stainless steel for high resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • The gun-mounting stud is centrally located, making it very easy to adjust the gun position when it is lathe-mounted.
  • Extensions are available in 1, 2 and 3 ft lengths for propane or acetylene.
PPS Wirejet-98 Combustion Wire Spray Gun demonstration video Combustion Wire Coating - Wirejet 98 with Thumb Trigger Wire FeedCombustion wire spray application demo video. Spray coating a Metal Coupon mounted in the RM2 Spray Booth using the Wirejet-98 Combustion Wire Spray Gun.