Combustion Powder Spray Torch - Powderjet 85
Combustion Powder Spray Torches

The Powder Spray Torch is the most essential part of the thermal spray equipment. Plasma Powders offers a variety of spray torches for all thermal spray processes. Plasma Powder's Powder Spray Torches are precisely engineered production tools designed to provide the most economical, uniform and high-quality coatings.

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Combustion Wire Spray Torches

The wire spray torch is the heart of the complete flame spray installation. It is built for continuous hard service and will perform efficiently and economically when operated and maintained.

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Arc Spray
Arc Spray System

The Arc Spray System is a New Generation High Velocity Arc Spray (HVAS) Technique that offers great opportunities for near porosity-free high quality coating at the most economical cost when engineering design is required.

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Convertible HVAF-HVOF Thermal Spray
Convertible HVAF/HVOF Thermal Spraying Equipment

HVAF and HVOF have been merged into a single easy and efficient hybrid system that combines the best of both coating delivery systems, offering the highest spray rates in the industry in either mode. It is possible to spray with a small addition of pure oxygen to increase flame temperature and energy, or without it when less is needed. The Convertible HVAF/HVOF system can be used in an existing HVOF or plasma spray booth.

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HIPOJET-2700 HVOF Oxy-Fuel Spray
HVOF Powder Systems

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray Systems are versatile thermal spray systems, designed to operate with a variety of fuel gases. The HIPOJET 2700 High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray System, a user friendly mobile unit, provides reliable and efficient operation and can be adapted for both automated and manual coating applications.

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Plasma Spray Torch - Plasma Powders 3M Plasma Spray Gun
Plasma Spray Torches

Plasma Spray Torches are carefully engineered to achieve optimum heat transfer through uniform distribution of the cooling water within the nozzle. Extending the life of critical plasma torch components translates into decreased downtime, increased productivity, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs.

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Powder Feeder PF-700
Powder Feeders

Powder Feeders are compact units that provide accurate, repeatable powder feed rates to help ensure quality coatings in combustion, HVOF and plasma powder thermal spray systems. Our powder feeders can be integrated with other manufacturers' equipment and systems and are easy to maintain.

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Rodjet Spray Torch
Rod Spray Torches

Rod Spray Systems are a reliable, low cost alternative to Plasma Systems, providing quality ceramic, cermet and alloy coatings with the many materials available in rod or cord form. These systems require only typical welding gas (Oxy/Acetylene), compressed air and standard electricity. There’s no need for large footprint, costly support equipment like spray rooms or chillers.

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Thermal Spray Equipment Repair
Equipment Repair

Plasma Powders provides Thermal Spray equipment repair and diagnostic services. Our technicians will break down and evaluate your equipment, diagnose issues and repair the equipment using OEM and/or aftermarket replacement parts. Repaired systems are tested in house and video recorded in our spray room prior to being returned for service.

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