RM-1000 Robotic Package

Thermal Spray Handling Equipment RM-1000 Right Move Robotics Package The RM-1000 Robot/Booth insures the right move, every time. Relieve operator pressure Guarantee consistent coating quality…

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RM-52 Traversing Turntable and Spray Booth

RM 52 Traversing Turntable and Spray Booth Specs: Spray booth with turntable that reciprocates vertically between 1” to 6” Spray booth dimensions: 24”x24”x24” with 8”…

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RM-50 Wire Reel Payoff Unit for Arc System

RM 50 Wire Reel Payoff Unit for Arc System Specs: Unit capable of holding two 250 lb. wire reels Unit motorized with variable speed Each…

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RM 36 Clam Shell Exhaust

RM 36 Clam Shell Exhaust Specs: Exhaust hood to fit on lathe bed Accommodates rolls from 10” to 30” diameter Sides have adjustable shutters Unit…

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RM 35 Gantry Robot Cell

RM 35 Gantry Robot Cell Specs: Acoustical Room - 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 10 ft. high 5 axes Gantry Robot 2-axes Turntable Flat…

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RM 34 60” x 60” Horizontal/Vertical Traverse

RM 34 60” x 60” Horizontal/Vertical Traverse Specs: Horizontal Stroke: 60” with 3” acceleration & deceleration Vertical Stroke: 60” with 2” acceleration & deceleration Horizontal…

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RM-21 Flat Wall Plenum

RM 21 Flat Wall Plenum Specs: Plenum Dimensions: 7’W x 5’H x 2’D Suitable for 8,000 CFM 24” diameter outlet on plenum back Moveable louvers…

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RM-4 Manual Tilting Turntable

RM-4 Tilting Turntable Specification: Dimensions: 41”W x 41”D x 24”H 500 lb. capacity 24” diameter slotted steel faceplate AC Controller Manual tilt 360 RPM Digital…

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RM-18 Pipe Rolling Cart System

RM 18 Pipe Rolling Cart System Specs: 3 carts per system Rotates pipe from 1 to 170 surface feet per minute Variable speed Hand crank…

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RM-12 Wet Collector Exhaust Unit

RM 12 Wet Collector Exhaust Unit Specs: 2,500 – 3,000 CFM 7.5 H.P. 1,800 R.P.M. Motor Dimensions: 45” W x 40” D x 92” H…

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RM-6 Hydraulic Powered Robot

RM6 Hydraulic Powered Robot Specs: 5 axes of movement, 1 rotating axis 500 lb. lift capacity Outriggers for stability 24 VDC battery Manually operated Hydraulic…

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RM-2 Spray Booth

RM2 Thermal Spray Booth Thermal Spray Booth RM-2 The Plasma Powders RM-2 Spray Booth helps to isolate the spray operation. In many cases, the unit…

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