Direct replacements and parts for Metco 11E, 12E, 14E and 5K Combustion Wire Guns.
Plasma Powders Systems, Inc. supplies and repairs direct replacements for Metco 11E, 12E, 14E and 5K Wire guns.

  • We supply replacement parts (OEM if desired/available) to keep older or discontinued equipment in top condition.
  • We provide complete repair and diagnostic services in our shop in New Jersey.
  • We offer personnel Training. (*Free with purchase of a complete system when your team comes to NJ)
  • We supply a complete line of Materials, Rooms, Booths and handling equipment for your Total Thermal Spray Solution.

Combustion Wire Guns

PPS Wire Jet 96 (12E Equivalent)

  • Our Most Popular Wire Gun
  • Versatile Std/High Speed for soft or hard wires
  • Various hardware configurations
  • Hand-held or machine mounted
  • Uses Oxy/Acet or Oxy/Propane fuels
  • Multiple wire sizes
  • Extensions for ID coatings.