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HVAF/HVOF have been merged into a single system that offers the highest spray rates in the industry in either mode.

Convertible Thermal Spray HVAF and HVOF EquipmentThe HVAF/HVOF system produces very economical, high quality coatings with easy to use, reliable equipment.

  • HVOF mode delivers coatings of metals that meet HVOF specs with high spray rates and high DE.
  • HVOF mode delivers coatings of hard metals that are extremely dense.
  • HVAF mode delivers higher quality than state-of-the-art HVOF with much higher spray rates and high DE
  • The equipment produces porous free chrome replacement coatings as thin as .002 thick. We can achieve 0.4 RA on our 86-10-4 coating with polishing.


To learn more about this new revolutionary equipment and its limitless applications, please call or email Plasma Powders.

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Plasma Powders. Providing the Tools Needed to Build the Future: Thermal Spray Equipment: Spray Systems, Control Panels, Spray Guns, Powder Feeders, Spray Booths, Robotic Packages and more! Plasma Powders & Systems Incorporated

Celebrating over 35 Years in the Thermal Spray Industry offering thermal spray powders, thermal spray equipment and parts for thermal spray equipment.

Our extensive thermal spray services include turn key systems, individual components, parts, thermal spray materials and equipment, training and on site equipment overhaul and repair services.

Plasma Powders, manufacturers of BONDRITE NI-Al bonding wire & dozens of one step thermal spray powders.



Plasma Powders & Systems Inc.
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228 Boundary Road,
PO Box 132
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Phone: 732-431-0992
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